Google Classroom Tutorial

Follow the steps carefully

Step 1: Go to Google Classroom or download the mobile app to your smart device.
Go to Google Classroom
Step 2: Sign in to Google Classroom.
  • You can find a button named "Sign in" on the top right conner of the screen. Click it.
  • Now enter the email given by the school.

  • Responsive image
  • Now enter your password.
  • Your default password is "sack{your_addmission_number}{your_addmission_number}"
    If your Admission No. is 11496 Your password is sack1149611496
    If your Admission No. is 9194 Your password is sack91949194

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  • If you are sign-in for the first time you will get the following screen to set your own
    to increase the account security. Set a new password and continue.

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If you sign in successfully you can see a page similar to this.
Responsive image

If you have any trouble regarding google classroom, send us an email at